The Hottest Fall Fashion Colors for 2017

The Hottest Fall Fashion Colors for 2017

Choosing your colors correctly should be of high priority if you care even a little bit about fashion. Once a year the season of autumn comes around and provides us with a perfect opportunity to switch up the colors we wear and tune them to better fit the new season. Below are four colors that will get you eyes and help you blend in with the overall feel that autumn provides.  Here are some of the hottest fall fashion colors for 2017.


Marsala is a perfect blend of red and brown. It is the color of a wine and is also very similar to maroon and burgundy. It is a perfect color to wear on cold and somewhat cloudy autumn days with a slight breeze. On a day without sun, Marsala is perfect to wear and bring color to the world. The perfect outfit to complement marsala is a marsala dress with boots, a warm sweater, and tights. A small fun fact about marsala; it was Pantone’s color of the year in 2015.


Teal, or Biscay Blue, is sort of like a darkened blend of green and blue. It is perfect for a snowy day and works very well with outdoor activities like ice skating, barbecues, and picnics. The color blends in but at the same time aims to heighten the feel of the whole room. Biscay Blue also compliments the natural environment during autumn. It’s like taking all of the colors and emotions you see and feel on a day in autumn and bringing them all together to create a single perfect color.


Sage, or Desert Sage, is the perfect color to wear on a sunny day in autumn. It is a perfect blend of green and gray. It should be especially considered if your eye color is green. The effects of wearing Sage will increase exponentially if it matches your eye color. Sage gives you the edge during autumn because you are the only “green” around. It is a mixture between the color that the leaves used to be and the coldness that autumn brings.


The color taking the final spot on this list is Rose. Unlike the colors above, Rose doesn’t complement nature as much as it makes the environment of autumn more sweet and spring-like. Rose is a light blend of white and red like dusty pink. It helps bring out the woman in you while bringing you eyes and raising the feel of the room. You’ll make the best impression with rose by wearing a long hooded cardigan. It is the memory of summer and the acceptance of what’s to come in late fall and winter.